Chrissie, Sam & Browny's Final Show of 2018!

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That's a wrap!

Ash Williams was telling us about his 'roommate' (mother) and Browny couldn't stop asking about her...


Peter Helliar's visit got Sam wondering if he likes Pete more than Pete likes him.

This got us wondering if there's anyone more adored than the great Jonathan Brown...


Nazeem Hussain was one of the hosts at the AACTAs this year, and he got to meet Nicole Kidman, or at least, get a selfie with her. But why was her security detail smacking him?


George Calombaris was nice enough to cook us all breakfast this morning, so we were treated to Jimmy Grants' new souvlakis!

Wondering where Sam was, George was struck by inspiration and invented the Pang Souvlaki!

So how does it work?

Thanks so much to all of our amazing guests in 2018, and particuarly those who came along today!

Ash Williams, Nazeem Hussain, George Calombaris, Jack Riewoldt, Dilruk Jayasinha, Dave O'Neil, Denise Scott, Tony Martin, Peter Helliar, Tom Gleisner and Santo Cilauro!

If you'd like to hear the whole show, you can check it out on today's very special 'Final Show of the Year' Podcast!

Listen up!

Written By Andy Zito

Well, this week absolutely flew by.

We knew he was serious when he turned up with a guitar!

"I wouldn't have thought so..."