Things get steamy when we peek into Browny's private life...

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Browny reckons he was asked by the boss to give more of an insight into his private, personal time...

But we certainly didn't think it'd get this hectic!

Kylie, Browny's lovely wife, is reading a book at the moment called 'Lexington and 42nd', and it's a little steamy, so Browny gave us a look into the thoughts going through his and Kylie's heads as they lie in bed together at night, Kylie reading her book, and Browny alone with his thoughts.

Listen back here:


And, just for fun, here's a little sneak peek of the recording process of that brilliant sketch. We had all kinds of creeps pile into the studio that day...



Just when you thought there wasn't more - there is!

Here's Part Two - What is going through Browny's mind?

Written By Andy Zito
Andy Zito

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