Psychic shares predictions for 2017

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Welcome to 2017, the year of ‘new beginnings’. Tonight Smallzy had medium Harry T drop by to reveal some of his predictions for this year

Let’s all admit that 2016 was one of a kind. We witnessed history, lost some of our greatest heroes and lived through uncertainty. So what does 2017 have install for us? Well, Smallzy had his resident Psychic, Harry T drop by the studio to give us a rundown on how 2017 is going to play out. 

So how did medium Harry T sum up 2017?! Harry said that “2017 is all about new beginnings.” 

He also has a feeling that in 2017 there will be a lot of pregnancies. 

“This year I see a lot of celebrities getting pregnant.” 

So naturally we wanted some juicy predictions about our favourite celebs. So Smallzy had Harry T reveal some celeb predictions. 

Taylor Swift

“Probably another relationship. I think it will be an interesting year for her. I feel like she’s going to try and venture out into something different, she hasn’t tried before. But I do think her career will continue to go from strength to strength. “

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

“I think he’s going to try and clean his act up. When I vibe him, I vibe a young child inside who is kind of messed up. I think he's going to try and clean his lifestyle up a bit.”

Justin Bieber

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

“Well, they’re not going to stay together. I’m surprised they’ve stayed together this long.” 

Kim Kardashian

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

“OMG, if he stays with her, I think that he’s not going to be a very healthy man. With all honesty, I think it’s all for show. I don’t see them staying together.” 

Blac and Rob

So we’re going to keep these celeb predictions in our back pocket and bring them back out again at the end of the year to see if he was correct. 

Written By Gemma Prendergast
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