Why Is A $29 Kmart Pie Maker Going Nuts On Social Media?

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Let the Chicken Run quotes begin...

Okay, we know today was frantic with Facebook and Instagram calling it quits but they're back up and running and we can move on with our lives.

But, while part of the world was constantly trying to refresh their newsfeeds, Kmart lovers were busy making pies. 

Yes, that's right - pies!

More than 80,000 people across the country have signed up to a Facebook group started less than a year ago, which shares tips, tricks and recipes for the humble Kmart pie maker.

Seriously these Kmart cooks are creative. They aren't just making pies with these pie makers (that retail for just $29 a pop), they're making poached eggs, vanilla slice pie and cooking up their leftover KFC.

PerthNow spoke to page administrator Lisa, who founded the page with her cousin Nat:

“Nat bought a pie maker first, and we saw some people sharing ideas on one of the Kmart Mums Facebook pages and we thought ‘why not start one of our own?’

“I actually didn’t even have a pie maker when we initially started the page.

“Some days I will need to log in and check the page about 20 times, but we can’t be on it all the time."

According to the sisters, the group can grow up to 1,000 new members a day when a popular recipe is shared.

A Kmart Australia spokesperson said the company was “delighted” to watch customers sharing their “creative meal ideas”.

IMAGE: Facebook / Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia


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