What Sydney’s weather will be like over Christmas

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Will the rain rain go away? 

Living in Sydney over the last month has felt a little like living in a jungle. 

The weather has been humid and gross with frequent thunderstorms. 

It’s weird to think we're currently in summer. 

So with Christmas fast approaching (one week away people!) it’s safe to say we’re a little anxious about the weather. 

Will we get to enjoy a beachside barbecue or will we have to move our outdoor picnics inside? 

Showers and storms are tipped to hit the east coast from today and continuing into Thursday with some thunderstorms and continued humidity (sorry to all our curly haired friends). 

BUT, the grey weather is set to clear up in time for Christmas Day which is tipped to be sunny and warm. 

“In terms of temperature, at this stage it will be in the mid to high 20s for Sydney and so it could be a case where we see a sea breeze it could make it a bit cooler along the coast,” Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster David Wilke told the Daily Telegraph. 

So get ready for a cracker Aussie Chrissy.

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

All those wasted hours, our fingernails sore and reeking…


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