This Viral Challenge Has People Throwing Cheese At Babies Because The Internet

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The list of things you shouldn’t throw at children is novels longer than the list of things you should.


Air kisses = throw

Sharp objects = don’t throw


You get the picture.


But despite the general consensus that parents are responsible, reasonable human beings (raising a small person and all) the latest viral video challenge has us all very concerned.


Parents are throwing cheese at their infants.

Poor, unsuspecting children are getting slices of dairy flung at their faces for the sake of a bit of internet attention.

Cheers, social media.


The #CheeseChallenge is garnering attention from questionable parents globally, who are delighting in slinging cheese at their offspring in high chairs, while playing, and pretty much minding their own damn business.


Some people are loving the dairy-based challenge.

And even some children are getting on board (because who doesn't love free cheese?)

While others… not so much.

We send our thoughts out to those lactose intolerant children living in fear of cheese-and-camera-wielding parents.

Image: Instagram / @heatherprosak 

Written By Brynn Davies

So pretty! 

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