GREAT NEWS! Melbourne is going smoke free

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Actually, it'll be the whole state, if all goes to plan!

24 of the state of Victoria's leading health groups are backing a plan that could see Victoria going almost smoke-free by the year 2025.

Quit Victoria, the Australian Medical Association and the Heart Foundation are major players in the group launching Target 2025 a push for stricter anti-smoking laws and education programs, and the state government will support it through their VicHealth arm, hoping to lower the number of Victorians smoking daily to 5% or lower.

Smoking is definitely still a fringe hobby, with only 13.7% of Victorians admitting to the habit, and this program aims to save lives, or at the very least show signifcant benefits for individuals and the community at large.

Image supplied by 9 News

The plan, which will target smokers of all ages, but particularly focus on young people, will mean that tobacco advertising and promotion would be stopped altogether, not to mention focused TV education campaigns rolling out and smoking laws would also be tightened.

With over 100,000 Victorians diagnosed with a smoking related illness or disease every year, the Target 2025 plan is expected to potentially prevent 8% of the 'total burden of disease' in Victoria, which means lives are saves and resources aren't so exhausted.

Wondering who's behind it? The 24 organisations that support Target 2025 are Quit Victoria, Australian Dental Association (Victoria), Australian Medical Association, Cancer Council Victoria, Centre for Adolescent Health, Deakin Health Economics, Diabetes Victoria, Gippsland Primary Health Network, Heart Foundation Victoria, Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Health Association, La Trobe University, Mental Health Victoria, Monash University, Odyssey House, The Public Health Association of Australia, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Stroke Foundation, The Lakes Entrance Aboriginal Health Association, Thorne Harbour Health (formerly Victorian AIDS Council), Tobacco Free Portfolios, United Voice Victoria, Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association, The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, The Victorian Network Smokefree Health Services and, Your Fertility.

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