Urgent recall issued over Christmas ham

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And just a few days before Christmas as well.

After dessert was taken off the Christmas menu due to the recent recall of contaminated Nanna's Family Apple Pies, it appears that ham is off the table as well.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has issued out an urgent recall of half-legs of bone-in ham from Vic's Premium Quality Meat.

The recall is being conducted due to fears of microbial (listeria monocytogenes) contamination.

We don't know what that is but judging by how many letters is in the name, it can't be good.

If you're wondering if your ham is contaminated, this recall affects hams bought from Victor Churchhill NSW, Simon Johnson NSW, and WA and Vic's Meat Brisbane.

As for the product details are, here's what the NSW Food Authority put out:

  • Vic’s Meat BONE-IN HAM HALF LEG 4.5kg, cardboard box (two types used) - Brown cardboard box with Victor Churchill illustration, White cardboard box with Vic’s meat illustration
  • Best Before 29/01/2019

So if you're one of the unfortunate few who have a contaminated ham, best go get a refund from where you bought it. If you've eaten some, better go see a doctor too.

Image Credit: Food Standards Australia New Zealand


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