Today is going to be so hot a severe weather warning has been issued

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Stay cool and keep hydrated, Melbourne 

Aussie summer is well and truly heating up. 

But if you think last week was hot, then you have another thing coming because today is gonna be a SCORCHER. 

Temperatures are set to soar into the 40s across Victoria and a severe weather warning has been issued across the state.

The weather will be insanely hot and dry with strong winds which makes it perfect bushfire conditions. 

To avoid fires a total fire ban has been declared across Victoria. 

But don’t worry, the insane heat isn’t set to hang around for too long. 

A cool change will pass through the state from tomorrow (Saturday January 5) with temperatures dropping more than 20 degrees.

In the meantime don’t forget to stay cool and stay hydrated, Melbourne. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi

Over 100 people have been affected.

They were reportedly "waiting for the end of time".

Now now, let’s not be doing this.