Sooo, Cinnamon Coke is a thing

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And we’re not sure how to feel. 

Coca Cola is no stranger to experimenting with flavours. 

There’s been Raspberry Coke, Orange Coke, Coffee Coke (whut?) and, of course, the OG mashup Vanilla Coke. 

But now there’s a new flavour waiting to grace your tastebuds. 

Or torture them, we can’t decide. 


We’re not sure how well cinnamon and fizz go together, but we DO know that cinnamon and Christmas make a perfect pair. 

And it seems Coca Cola knows it too, because they’ve decorated the label of the new “festive flavour” with not so subtle Christmas trees. 

The limited-edition flavour is zero sugar (of course) and is currently only available in the UK. 

But we’re waiting in sweet anticipation to give it a try. 

Hopefully we can snag ourselves a bottle just in time for Christmas. 

Images: Facebook / Coca Cola Great Britain, Giphy / Giphy. 


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