Telling Off Your Kids While Driving Could Cop You A Big Ol’ Fine Under New Laws

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Sorry parents.

In the new era of smart technology and self-driving cars, Australia’s road rules - which date back to 1999 - are getting a much-needed makeover.

We’re learning about new rules all the time, like the fact that you can be fined for drinking coffee on your commute, paying with your phone in a drive-thru, or having fluffy dice in your back window.

But parents are the next drivers who should sit up and take notice of the road rule changes, with new laws proposed which would mean getting distracted by kids could mean a big ol’ fine.

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Under proposed Australian laws drafted by the National Transport Commission, drivers could face fines for being distracted by technology, children and animals.

Drivers who look away for more than two seconds to tell off their children in the back seat could be penalised.

The good news about the newly proposed laws is they will make it easier for drivers to use their devices without fear of being fined.

The current ban on mobile phones would remain, but the proposed laws will allow drivers to use navigation programs and voice-controlled technology.

Written By Brynn Davies