A Teen Has Gone Blind After A Lifetime Of Chips And Junk Food

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The teen has ADHD and autism and has struggled with diet as a result.

A British mother has revealed her 18-year-old son has gone blind in one eye after eating only chips, crisps and chocolate since he was two.

Kerry James told The Sun how her teenage son Harvey became unable to see out of his left eye late last year. 

After initial fears of optic disease, doctors eventually found the teen - who has ADHD and is on the autism spectrum - had "dangerously low" vitamin and mineral levels.

“It’s been really tough. Because it’s so different and no one’s heard of it, it’s been a struggle to get the help and support we need," Kerry told the publication.

“Harvey thinks his life is over and he doesn’t want to do it. It’s made him very depressed.”

"He only eats chips, Quavers, Wotsits (similar to our Cheetos and Cheezels) and Dairy Milk for every meal," she continued.

“Harvey was diagnosed with ADHD and is on the autistic spectrum so we’ve always put it down to textures.

Kerry added that she even struggles to get her son to take medicine and that they've tried multiple avenues, including paediatric nurses and eating disorder clinics, to improve his aversion. 

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Written By Ally Parker