PSA: Taco Bell Australia is opening this weekend!

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Dreams do come true.

Yes, you read that right!

Famed US taco crafters Taco Bell are opening up shop on Saturday the 4th of November.

And we can't wait to live our best damn lives together. 

They put The Bell up on Tuesday so I think we can all agree things are official:

If you're someone whose love for tacos knows no bounds, then you'll probably be a little apprehensive.

After all, we've been hurt before.

Taco Bell first tried to establish itself in 'Straya in the 80s but a Sydney restaurant called ‘Taco Bell’s Casa’ argued (successfully) that consumers would confuse the two businesses so, no dice.

Our beloved Taco Bell then tried again in '97, opening a store in the Sydney CBD only to leave again in 2005.

We know it's rough and you're afraid to get hurt again, but it's okay to open your heart up to love tacos.

Safe space.

The inaugral location is in Annerley, Queensland (where the old Sizzler used to be) but we've got our fingers crossed for other locations (and have reached out to Taco Bell Australia for comment, so stay tuned).

So, for now you’ll have to a) live in Brissie or b) be willing to travel to Brissie in order to get your mitts on ‘em but fingers crossed they'll travel ‘round to the rest of the nation soon.

Lead Image: Facebook / Taco Bell Australia


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