Powerball Soars To A History-Making $150 Million

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Well, no one won the $100 million lotto last night.

Not surprising when the numbers are 27, 28, 10, 20, 11, 30, 31 and Powerball 2. I mean who is picking numbers that close together?

But there is a positive. Because no one picked the division one numbers, The Powerball has soared to a whopping $150 million. 

This means that if there is a lucky punter who wins next Thursday (me), they will take home the biggest individual lottery win in Australia’s history.

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Side note, Kylie Jenner  has $850 million more than that in her bank; mind-blowing. 

Even though there were no takers of the $100 million, eight people still took home a good piece of the pie last night with division two. They each won $173,767.85 meaning they had every number par ONE for the multimillion-dollar prize.

Geez, you’d be kicking yourself after that wouldn't you? But I’d still be happy with the $173K.

Gamble responsibly.

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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