The new Samsung Galaxy S7 has been unveiled; targets Apple iPhone

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The Galaxy Vs iPhone battle has flared up again upon the unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S7…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a community service announcement. Well, not really.

We’re just whipping out the big guns to express our excitement over the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S7. This morning, Samsung released the goss on TWO upcoming smartphones a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

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galaxy s7

Smartphone number 1

This bad boy will be a 5.1-inch Galaxy S7, and will set you back $1149 outright.

Smartphone number 2

This will be a 5.5-inch curved screen Galaxy S7 Edge, and will have water-resistant bodies, an expandable memory, as well as a faster, hybrid autofocus camera, a bigger battery and water-cooler chips. These will cost around $1249.

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Sounds pretty swanky.

And how’s this? These new smartphones will be able to capture 360 degree video or photos that will be accessible through VR headsets on Youtube and Facebook. They’ll also be about 1mm bigger and a touch heavier than the previous model.

Samsung Australia mobile vice-president Prasad Gokhale explained the extensive research behind the new models.

Over the last year we have figured out a way, a very innovative way, to bring in IP68 and also bring in the extra memory card slot.”

The Galaxy S7 + S7 Edge will be able to be completely submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a time, and do not require users to cover their charging ports. HOW GOOD IS THAT!?

The phones will be available for pre-order in Australia this Friday.

Written By Emily Whitham
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Oh, man. Not again.

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