New iPhones Revealed And People Are Freaked Out By The Weird AF Design

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Change is good, right?

It's almost September...

Aside from the fact that time is going obscenely fast, September also means new iPhones.

Apple is reportedly set to release three new "iPhone 11" models - yep, we're up to iPhone 11 (IS ANYONE ELSE FREAKING OUT ABOUT TIME?!?)

According to 9to5Mac, the new phones will include the existing Lightning connector, Apple’s latest A13 chip and a new Taptic Engine.

The camera is also set to go under a massive revamp. Like, an unnecessarily big redesign.

After images of the new designs surfaced online, customers were not amused. People have been comparing the potential new design to traffic lights and the Apple Watch face. reports the front-facing camera on the iPhone 11 is also expected to undergo an upgrade to make it capable of capturing in slow motion at 120 fps. 

Fingers crossed one day Apple develops a slow-motion feature that actually slows down time IRL.

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