McDonald's Launch New Bacon Burger And We're Salivating

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When it comes to bacon, be prepared. 

Is there anything better than bacon? Sorry vegans/vegos but there truly isn't.

We know it, you know it and now Macca's knows it. 

The fast food chain has added a whole burger and it's basically the classic Quarter Pounder with a twist.

Think beef patty, melted cheese, onions, pickles and TWO pieces of rasher bacon. It's called the Quarter Pounder Bacon, obvy, and it's available right now. 

The announcement comes one week after the launch of the Quarter Pounder Chilli.

But unfortunately all good things must come to an end, the newest additions to the Quarter Pounder range - the Quarter Pounder Bacon and Quarter Pounder Chilli will only be available for a limited time. 

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We Scared The Crap Out Of Kevin Hart:

Written By Christina Cavaleri

Over 100 people have been affected.

They were reportedly "waiting for the end of time".

Now now, let’s not be doing this.