Man Denied Seat Change After Finding Old Vom On His Plane Seat

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Profusely gagging RN. 

You'd think when you score an upgrade ahead of a flight your new digs would be considerably better than your original. It’s an upgrade after all.

But not for this guy, who we might add, is the Vice President of a software company in Silicon Valley. 

Dave Gildea was flying from London to Seattle with British Airways and found his swanky upgraded seat was actually covered with dried vomit. 

Speaking to The Sun, Gildea said the crew insinuated that the barf came from him. 

"This was my seat from London to Seattle yesterday, covered in dried in vomit, no offer to move seats, just insinuation from the attendant that I had done it even though it was dried in for days,” he said in a Twitter post.

"I didn't notice anything until about two hours into the British Airways flight when I popped down the foot stool so I could get some sleep and saw the vomit on the seat.

"It was also splashed on the wall behind and the floor below, which I then noticed."

Gildea told The Sun that he travels a lot and is disappointed the airline took over two weeks to respond.

"It's frustrating how they can take your money in a second for a ticket, but when it is a problem it takes weeks."

Kind of brings us back to this infamous scene:

Nova Entertainment has reached out to British Airways for a comment. 

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