Low-Rise Jeans Are Making A Comeback And Our Hips Are Screaming

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Please say it isn’t true. 

We're all for trends. We want to be open to new things.

We tried white sneakers with jeans, we're giving oversize hair clips a go and we're still loving the French tuck; but there is a trend that is making a comeback and that we’re giving a hard no. 

Low. Rise. Jeans. 

What have we done to deserve this tragedy?

We don't want to shorten our legs and elongate our torsos, we don't have the six-pack to carry the low-rise nor the 'V' to show off.

But do you know who does?

Emily Ratajkowski.

The supermodel stepped out to walk her dog, grab an iced coffee and let us know she’s bringing back the low-rise.

Yes, the supermodel with a body that seems unattainable but we know it's because we don't want to put down the french friends and red wine. 


But surely we don't deserve the return of low-rise jeans?

Image: Getty / Say Cheese! / Contributor


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