KFC’s New Secret Menu Item Is All Of Our Chicken Dreams Come True

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Good God it’s beautiful.

Is there anything more satisfying than KFC after you've a big night? (or just a Tuesday - you do you?

While the Twisters, Popcorn Chicken andZinger Burgers and thick-cut chips keep us satisfied, what if we told you there was something else?

A secret item on KFC's secret menu.

It's called The Nug-a-Lot; a burger with a KFC original recipe fillet on top of a layer of chicken nuggets, with cheese, mayo and supercharged (whatever that means) sauce.

No more trying to decide between nuggets and chicken. 

Is there a more perfect option? 

Keen? Here’s how to access the Secret Menu:

1. Download the KFC App 

2. Select a store 

3. Navigate to the Order screen with the food categories 

4. Scroll down until the Colonel appears 

5. Hold for 11 seconds until the Secret Menu pops up 

6. Bask in ephemeral joy 

You're welcome. 


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Written By Christina Cavaleri

Better fill up now. 

Folau says he is sharing the message "out of love".


And for the money to be donated elsewhere.