KFC just launched a new burger with four different kinds of cheese

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Image: KFC

The Big Cheese has landed - think you can handle it?

This week KFC unveiled their indulgent new burger - which features a special patty made of cheese, topped with the Colonel’s secret recipe of herbs and spices.

So it’s like a KFC chicken patty - it just has cheese in it.

James Franco mind blown

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The patty is made of tasty cheese, mozzarella, creamy cheddar cheese sauce and a slice of the classic cheese you know and love from KFC’s current menu.

So imagine that in a burger with a regular KFC chicken patty, lettuce and tomato.

Annabel Fribence, CMO KFC Australia, said in a statement:

“It’s not often we do a cheeseburger, but when we do, we go all out. With so many great cheeseburgers already in the market, we needed to make sure we unleashed the cheese and made this a little off-center -  in true KFC fashion. Enter, triple cheese.”

You can wrap your laughing gear around one of these beauties in all KFC restaurants as of this week! Now let's watch the burg in action:

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