KFC just dropped Mac & Cheese and we NEED IT

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Drop everything.

Good news folks! We have another thing to add to your list of ‘things we never knew we needed but now yearn for'.

You see, KFC has just launched a new offering that CHANGES EVERYTHING:

KFC Mac & Cheese.

The bucket of our dreams features the fried chicken we know and love, fresh macaroni and nacho cheesy sauce. YEP. We're shook too.

But here’s the thing. Because we live in a cruel world, It’s currently only available in Malaysia.

This is 2018 though, and if we can get gelato delivered to our doors at 10PM on a weeknight and lingerie by Rihanna, can we not make this happen?!

Some of our ideas include throwing a tantrum in public, making #BringUsTheCheese go viral or writing letters to Oprah for help.

If we work together, we can only hope against all hope that this reaches our shores by dinner time.

Image: KFC.


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