This Jetstar sale is too good to miss, flights to Hawaii, Japan and more

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Flights starting from just $139!

So the weather outside is sunny, rainy, cold - you know, whatever the effect it feels like being.

It’s probably time to think about another holiday, even though we only just had Christmas. That’s fine - you deserve it.

Well, Jetstar thinks you do anyway. 

The airline is offering a selection of deals from today onwards. Gold Coaster’s looking to escape to Tokyo can grab flights starting at $229.

Sydney ready to get the hell out of the scorchers, you guys can relax in Auckland between February and March with flights starting at $139.

And the rain in Melbourne has started again so we think it’s time to hop on a flight to Honolulu with prices starting at $249. Sydney don’t worry you can have that deal too.

The flights are all one way and don’t include checked luggage or meals. 

However, a carry-on bag stuffed with some snacks and clothes should be enough for a quick get away.

The sale ends January 17. 

The remainder of the flights include destinations such as Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, and Phuket.



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