Instagram model goes viral with this body positive post revealing the truth behind before/after snaps

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"Not me. Not me."

Amie-Jane Ward thinks the Internet is full of “over exaggerated” photos. If you’re not entirely sure what that means – we weren’t – Amie shared her own pic to Instagram to demonstrate.  

While the side-by-side photos look similar, you’ll notice a difference in her hips and legs – something she explained in the caption.

There, she wrote: “Both of these pictures are over exaggerated! They are both not me!"

She went on, explaining that she deliberately held herself differently in each photo.

"I have forced my hips forward to give myself hip dips and the illusion of being bigger then what I am and the other is me pushing my hips back to give myself some shape!"

After the photo went viral with over 6,500 likes and counting, Amie told POPSUGAR she shared the before-and-after to make a point to remember that the way we stand can completely change the way we look.  

"I catch myself in the mirror from different angles and I look different all the time!"

She explained that it’s always important to keep in mind that different angles, lighting and poses "can shape us in a way we are not 100%!!"


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