Insta Couple Slammed For Terrifying Photo Stunt Hit Back At Haters

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“She could have fallen to her death!”

Some people do crazy things to get the perfect snap for the 'gram. 

Hang off giant rocks, stand on the edge of cliffs, snuggle up next to dangerous animals, the list goes on. 

Scrolling through Insta is enough to make you lose faith in humanity’s sense of self-preservation (because we’ve given up on humility at this point.) 

One glam couple seems to have attracted the wrath of the net after posting one such death-defying photo. 

The shot depicts model Kody Workman dangling his girlfriend Kelly Castille off the edge of a Balinese infinity pool (while kissing, as you do).

There are many, many ways to take a photo in a pool, and this is certainly not the safest option. 

The US couple have garnered a lot of criticism from their 101,000 followers, with commenters branding them and their stunt “so crazy”, “terrifying” and “morons”.

One commented: “If he sneezed, she could have fallen to her death!” while another added, “Very Stupid to risk the life of your significant one. Just for a stupid photo…”

The couple has since hit back at haters.

Initially, their joint account @positravelty, replied to negative comments, including this explanation: 


Speaking to Fox News, the couple explained that Castille was safe throughout the shoot, and they had decided not to “feed into the negativity of this”.

“This has become a bigger deal than we could have ever imagined and we, going forward only wish to discuss positive things and the reality behind the photo,” Castille, 33, and Workman, 32, told Fox News.

But happy snappers, take heed - more than 250 people worldwide have died in the pursuit of the perfect picture since 2011, according to last year’s research from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Taking the perfect selfie is a perfectly acceptable pursuit - just make sure it’s not your last! 

Image: Instagram / @positravelty


Written By Brynn Davies
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