A Grandmother Has Confused Sex Toys For Thermal Socks

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Sometimes in life, you come across a headline that is just...

It's got that flair, that je ne sais quois... that combination of the words 'sex toy' and 'grandmother'.

For reals though.

News from Twitter is particularly jaw-dropping today with one user dramatically documenting his grandmother's mistake with a set of sex toys.

"The old woman told me that she borrowed some cold socks," his translated tweet reads.

The young man then uploaded several photos of the mishap and a video - which cannot be unseen BTW - showing the socks stretched and flat-out yanked off his grandmother's feet.

"Grandma, tell me it's a lie," he adds in a subsequent video.

The Twitter user - heard laughing throughout the clip - later tweeted that despite the fact the 'onahole' fleshlights survived their ordeal, he would no longer use them.

He has offered them to anyone who was interested in taking them. Considering the breadth and depth of not only Twitter, but the internet in general, we're fairly certain those bad boys have been snapped up.

Anyhoo, that's enough internet for today.

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Written By Ally Parker

And for the money to be donated elsewhere. 

They didn't ask for this destiny.

Doesn't get more Aussie than that.