Girl Hospitalised After Doctors Find 100s Of Bubble Tea Blobs In Stomach

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Holy moley.

Prepare to your jaw up off the floor, 'cause this ones' a story and a half.

A 14-year-old girl from the Zhejiang province of China has been hospitalised after five days of internal issues revealed over 100 boba balls chilling in her tum.

Asia One reports doctors quizzed the girl on what she’d eaten, and she told them she’d had one cup of bubble tea five days before the incident. The doctor, Zhang Louzhen, told the publication he believed the girl was hiding the truth about her boba consumption from her parents because she was worried she’d be punished.

Doctors prescribed laxatives to help her digest the boba balls.

Bubble tea first hit the market in Taiwan in the 1980s before spreading across the globe. It's known for having chewy tapioca balls with either a milk or fruit tea base. 

The doctor who examined the teen also warned that the bubble tea pearls are made of starch and can be difficult for the body to digest. Finally, he added that some bubble tea stores may add extra coatings or preservatives which could cause probs if consumed en masse.

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Written By Ally Parker