Get your SPF ready ‘cause this heatwave isn’t ending anytime soon

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Summer is officially here!

Australia is experiencing a serious heatwave right now. 

Melt your face off kinda hot. 

Step outside and start sweating instantly kinda hot. 

The hottest temperature recorded was in a town in north-western Australia called Marble Bar, coming in at 49 degrees. 

But WA wasn’t the only state to hit over the 40 degree mark, with a number of locations across the country copping insane temperatures. 

South Australia’s mid north region reached 47 degrees. 

Alice Springs rose to 44 and Adelaide recorded 43.7 degrees. 

Temperatures in Victoria also sat around the 40 degree mark with the Bureau recording 39.8C at Tullamarine Airport and 39 degrees in the CBD on Thursday afternoon

Temperatures have been 10 to 15 degrees higher than usual for late December and are set to stay that high. 

Yep, the hot weather aint stopping any time soon. 

Keep your SPF and sun hats handy (and sweat proof primer, ladies) because the high temperatures are set to continue across the country all the way through the weekend and into next week. 

“This heatwave is not over yet. In fact, it's only just got started,” Sky News chief meteorologist Tom Saunders told

“It started on Monday and it's forecast to continue until at least the middle of next week. We are perhaps, in some areas, expecting a heatwave which will last at least 10 days or so.” 

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