Facebook To Hide 'Likes' In New Update

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Like, totally. 

Breaking news: Facebook will soon begin hiding ‘likes’ in an effort to create a positive impact on the user's mental health. 

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered the hidden prototype inside Facebook’s Android app. While live testing isn’t live for uses just yet, Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s considering a test to hide ‘like’ counts. 

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Instagram user Emily Hall spoke to The Verge on the how the removal of likes has been positive on her mental and social health:

“I think that’s because I knew that other people seeing my photos weren’t able to judge me preemptively on the number of likes I had on my photo or the likes versus the amount of time a photo had been posted,” she said.

The news comes after positive results from Instagram’s removal of likes on posts. Like it’s fellow social media app, users will still be able to see a list of likes on posts, just not the overall number. 

Though likes have been an important feature on Facebook, users have grown increasingly self-conscious of the number they receive on their posts. This trial update may signal good news for the app following public demand to relieve social pressure, and with favourable results from Instagram’s own removal move, this could potentially be a growing trend on all digital platforms. 

If future tests show a positive impact on the mental health of users, then Facebook is likely to continue and follow Instagram on removing likes for good. 

Image: Facebook


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