The Commonwealth Games moment you didn’t see

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And we’re crying.

Much like many other major sporting events, the Commonwealth Games offers no shortage of powerful moments. Whether that be in the form of a win for your country, a heartbreaking setback or a touching moment of camaraderie…

Today, it’s the latter that is gaining the attention of the masses.

A moving moment was shared between three Aussie athletes and a runner from Lesotho, South Africa yesterday and it has gone viral overnight for good reason.

As shares, footage has captured Aussie 10,000m competitors Celia Sullohern, Madeline Hills and Eloise Wellings waiting by the finish line for Lineo Chaka of Lesotho, who was two laps behind the rest of the athletes. 

Sullohern, Hills and Wellings were the only three who hung around on the track to congratulate Chaka for completing the gruelling event, clapping as she crossed the finish line. 

Image: Michael Steele/Getty Images


Written By Stephanie Nuzzo


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