Coca-Cola have changed their recipe and now everything is the worst

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It's true folks, Coca-Cola is changing its recipe.

Those with a particuarly sensitive palette will notice that the concentration of high-fructose corn syrup to the same level of sweetness as the rest of the world (with calories simarily dropping by 8 per cent). 

The change comes following consumer backlash against the drinks' contents and will affect all full-sugar drinks (e.g. the Classic).

Coca-Cola Amatil managing director Alison Watkins has advised news publications that the company had plans to reduce sugar levels in its Australia and New Zealand products by 10 per cent by 2020 according to Fairfax Media.

“We’re doing it either just by making things less sweet over time, gradually, or by using stevia, which is a naturally derived sweetener, to replace some of the sugar,” she explained.

There are also calls for a 'sugar tax' to be introduced in Australia to join more than 30 other countries that will have the scheme by the end of the year. Unsurprisingly, Watkins is against the sugar tax. 

Anyway, start stocking up on OG Coca Cola now.

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Written By Ally Parker