Chuck your New Year’s Resolutions out the window ‘cause Cinnabon is headed Down Under

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Prep your arteries 

If you’ve never had a Cinnabon, 2019 is going to be your year. 

No, really. Their spiced, pillowy rolls covered in the most deliciously sweet glaze have been a staple indulgence overseas for years.

Too much? Sorry, we’ll tone it down. But seriously, they're delicious.

So why has our excitement peaked? Well, these sugary bites of heaven have floated down from above (the US) to bless we humble Aussie few with their divine presence.  

In late December, Cinnabon sneakily set up an Australian Facebook page. At first, there was doubt. 

“This better not be a hoax!” the people cried. “I feel like this is a scam page”.

Others were ready: “Prepare your stomach, this is what we trained for!” and “breakfast lunch dinner supper midnight snack”. 

Personally, we’re with the latter. 

In a shocking turn of events, last night Cinnabon dropped the bombshell that our shores will be graced with their calorifically delicious delights in late 2019.

There's a catch though: They’ve only announced one Brisbane store.

 While this news is exciting for those up yonder, it’s still early days. The brand have used a few Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth hashtags - so there’s hope yet! 

P.S. Brisbane is also home to the only Taco Bell in the county, another ‘Murican fast food chain that’s looking to roll out nationally so... maybe relocate if you haven't already?

Image: Cinnabon Instagram, Giphy 


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