BUSTED: Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Photoshop fail exposed

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Photos: Scott Morrison / pm.gov.au

Prime Minister Scott Morrison uploaded a wholesome pic of his family to his official website - with one creepy detail.

ScoMo, reclining happily with his wife and two daughters, appeared to have two left feet. In the Photoshop sense, anyway:

Photos: Scott Morrison / pm.gov.au

Turns out the photo was a doctored version of a portrait he had posted at Christmas time, originally featuring some less-pristine footwear:

ScoMo loves a promo opportunity, and quickly responded to the 'scandal' by sharing an image of this "footwear of choice":

A rep for the PM told Ten Daily that the pic "was doctored by the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet" without his knowledge - and that  "the PM much prefers his own shoes."

Photos: Scott Morrison / pm.gov.au

Written By Hayley

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