Big W has released a range of plush animal ottomans just in time for Christmas

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Treat yo self


Big W released an elephant ottoman earlier this year which mums went crazy over. 

Facebook groups were buzzing with mummas who were desperate to nab one for their ‘kids rooms’.

Which we’re pretty sure is just code for THEIR rooms. 

Well Big W is riding their grey, stumpy too cute wave of success and has released an EXTENDED RANGE of plush animal ottomans. 

And we’re excited. 

Maybe a little too excited considering we’re over the age of 10. 

But look how cute they are:

What else would you want to rest your feet on in your living room?

Why have a regular ottoman when you can have a majestic unicorn ottoman?

The full range also includes a sheep, a pig and the OG elephant

We’re not so low key dying to buy one for ourselves and it seems other people share our sentiment. 

After the cute stools were shared in a Facebook group called Addicted to Bargains people were clearly excited.

“These are so cute I wouldn’t even be mad if you threw one at me,” one user commented. 

“This is what we need for the office,” another wrote. (honestly, same). 

And other users tagged their friends and picked the one they like most. 

Whether you’re a unicorn or a dinosaur, at just $49 these ottomans are definitely a justifiable purchase. 

Images: Big W, Giphy / Giphy.

Written By Krisinda Merhi

That’s a lot of binge-watching.

They’ve discovered our weakness. 

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