Big Change That’ll Shake-Up The Way You Shop At Aldi

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Game changer.

Aldi shoppers are about to see some big changes in store as the discount supermarket moves to reduce its reliance on plastic.

Earlier this week, Aldi announced their plan reduce plastic by 25 per cent by 2025. 

Aldi has also pledged to cut problematic single use plastics, such as straws and plastic plates, from stores by 2020 and are the first (and only) supermarket to offer a national battery recycling scheme.

Instagram comments on the announcement appear largely negative with many expressing disappointment that the reduction is only 25 per cent and will take six years to achieve, but it's better than nothing?

"Only 25% by 2025? That doesn’t seem like a huge decrease in 6 years? What’s the reason for that?," one user wrote.

Another said, "You didn’t hear us loud and clear at all!! 25% by 2025 is so ridiculous. I read your message out to my work collegues [sic] and we laughed! 100% by 2020 is what you should be aiming for!"

There certainly is praise however, with comments like, "great work" and love heart or clapping emojis making the rounds.

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Written By Ally Parker

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