The Best Cities In The World Have Been Ranked So Start Booking Your Leave

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What’s going on with Sydney?

The 'Best City In The World' war continues around the globe however getting the top spot is harder than we may think.

Even though Sydney has the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and countless restaurants and bars - it's nowhere near a favourite. 

In a survey conducted by the Time Out Index, it turns out more than 30,000 people aren't a fan of Australia’s largest city.

When it comes to Down Under, Melbourne is the place you want to be, coming in at second place behind New York. 

Time Out spoke to 48 cities around the world, quizzing participants on food, drink, culture, nightlife, community, neighbourhoods, overall happiness and other factors.

New York was voted the best place for diversity, culture and dynamism, second for eating and third for live music, drinking and nightlife.

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Melbourne hit it out of the park for live music (well, duh) with one in four Melburnians heading to a gig in the past week. A whopping 82 per cent of Melburnians rated their city as 'amazing' for food, and 76 per cent said it was 'amazing' for culture. 

As for Sydney-siders, 7 per cent rated the city for its live music while 71 per cent prefer going to the gym - no wonder the city received a low score when it came to having fun. 

It's been a long time coming with lockout laws, countless venues shutting their doors or adapting to the shift in nightlife culture. But look it's not all bad; at least 62 per cent of Sydney said there's "usually something good on".

Some other funs facts include Parisians have the most sex, Manchester is the drinking (and hangover) capital of the world, and Tokyo is the city most people want to visit this year.


1. New York

2. Melbourne

3. Chicago

4. London

5. Los Angeles

6. Montreal

7. Berlin

8. Glasgow

9. Paris

10. Tokyo

11. Madrid

12. Cape Town

13. Las Vegas

14. Mexico City

15. Manchester

16. Philadelphia

17. Barcelona

18. Buenos Aires

19. Lisbon

20. Washington D.C.

21. Tel Aviv

22. Mumbai

23. Toronto

24. Birmingham

25. Dublin

26. São Paulo

27. Miami

28. Porto

29. Singapore

30. Edinburgh

31. San Francisco

32. Dubai

33. Munich

34. Vienna

35. Shanghai

36. Moscow

37. Delhi

38. Seattle

39. Sydney

40. Abu Dhabi

41. Hong Kong

42. Boston

43. Rio de Janeiro

44. Marseilles

45. Bangkok

46. Kuala Lumpur

47. Beijing

48. Istanbul

Sydney, it's time to step up your game. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri