Australian Woman Killed By Rooster While Collecting Eggs

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Your fear is real.

Adelaide Now report that an elderly SA woman has been killed by her own rooster after the animal attacked her while she was collecting eggs. 

The publication report the animal punctured one of her varicose veins causing her to bleed to death.

Unfortunately this isn't the first time a "harmless animal" has caused a death.

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Adelaide University forensics expert Professor Roger Byard told Adelaide Now that another elderly woman died overseas after a cat scratched her leg. He also cautioned readers about the danger of elderly people tripping on cats and simple household items damaging these veins.

“Cats like to rub against ankles and legs, as well as sit behind people and commonly lead to tripping injuries in the elderly," he explained. 

"Most importantly, I'm trying to get elderly people have varicose veins treated with a simple operation because they are especially vulnerable to being broken."

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Written By Ally Parker