Australia, here’s a breakdown of how you voted in the same-sex marriage survey

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We take a closer look at the historic WIN.

In case you missed it – although, it’s pretty bloody unlikely you have, considering the rainbow-coloured explosion of JOY that’s taken over the country – the results of the same-sex marriage survey have come back and the result is YES, beauties! 

While we know that 7,817,247 (61.6 per cent of you) fabulous Aussies said yes to love nationally, we figured you may be curious to see how your state or electoral division voted in the survey. Lucky for you, the good folk at Australian Bureau of Statistics have broken down all the data and shared it with you on their website. 

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We’ve taken out some of the biggest points of interest for you below, but if you’d like to do a little diving while you sip champagne and listen to gay anthems in celebration, feel free to check out the stats in full here. 

However, here are a few pieces of info to whet your appetite:

The state with the highest percentage of yes voters was the ACT at 74 per cent and the lowest was New South Wales at 57.8 per cent. 

Results for New South Wales

Yes: 2,374,362 (57.8 per cent)

No: 1,736,838 (42.2 per cent) 

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Sydney at 83.7 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Blaxland at 26.1 per cent.

Results for Victoria

Yes: 2,145,629 (64.9 per cent) 

No: 1,161,098 (35.1 per cent)

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Melbourne at 83.7 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Calwell at 43.2 per cent.

Results for Queensland

Yes: 1,487,060 (60.7 per cent)

No: 961,015 (39.3 per cent)

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Brisbane at 79.5 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Maranoa at 43.9 per cent.

Results for South Australia

Yes: 592,528 (62.5 per cent) 

No: 356,247 (37.5 per cent)

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Adelaide at 70.1 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Barker at 52.3 per cent.

Results for Western Australia

Yes: 801,575 (63.7 per cent)

No: 455,924 (36.3 per cent)

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Curtin at 72.2 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: O'Connor at 56.2 per cent.

Results for Tasmania

Yes: 191,948 (63.6 per cent)

No: 109,655 (36.4 per cent)

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Denison at 73.8 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Braddon at 54 per cent.

Results for Northern Territory

Yes: 48,686 (60.6 per cent)

No: 31,690 (39.4 per cent) 

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Solomon at 65.3 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Lingiari at 54.5 per cent.

Results for Australian Capital Territory

Yes: 175,459 (74.0 per cent)

No: 61,520 (26.0 per cent)

Highest 'Yes' electoral division: Canberra at 74.1 per cent.

Lowest 'Yes' electoral division: Fenner at 74 per cent.

Image: Scott Barbour/Getty Images, World of Wonder productions

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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