Aldi Is Selling $13 Cases Of Wine And We Need Them All

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Better make a pit stop on the way home. 

The weather has officially turned to s**t.

We've whipped out the gloves, the beanies and the coats. Now, all we need is a crackling fire and a nice glass of wine.

Or a case… 

Yes better make it a case since Aldi are selling them for just $13!

The case includes six bottles of Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz Cabernet - your choice. But for $13, you don't need to be fussy, just get both.

After a quick calculation, 'cause we're good at maths, it comes to pretty much $2 a bottle. 

You can pick your choice of booze at select ALDI stores across VIC, NSW, ACT, and WA stores.  

Image credit: Omaze / Youtube 


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