Aldi just released a ridiculously cheap smart phone plan

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Calls phone provider: "I need to get out of my plan."

Is there anything Aldi doesn’t have?!?

This week is huge for the supermarket chain. Their homewares line went on sale today and they have just announced their new smart phone plan. 

It’s called Aldimobile’s “Jumbo Plan” and it is insanely affordable.

You’ll get 16GB of data and 300 international minutes to 50 countries - “how ya’ll doing over in the states?” 

Plus, unlimited calls and messages.

Turns out Aldi shares Telstra's 4G network so you’ll get reliable AF service.

For those already on Aldimobile plans (you guys are smart) but your plans are getting an upgrade too.

The data rollover feature was previously only available on three plans now it’s a standard element on the while range.

If you’re after even more data, the $45 XXL pack is moving on up in the data world from 9GB to 12 GB.

Selfies for days.

The new plan and upgrades will be available from tomorrow. 

Written By Christina Cavaleri

Over 100 people have been affected.

They were reportedly "waiting for the end of time".

Now now, let’s not be doing this.