Netflix's warning over new series is the cold shower the internet needs

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"We can't believe this needs to be said..."

In case you missed it, Netflix have just released their doco series 'Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes', which has been equal parts creepy and fascinating. 

Though it seems that some people have had to ruin the fun for everyone else, leaving Netflix to deal with a response they weren't quite ready for... 

Fans of the series have started crushing on Ted Bundy. 

Yup, you read correctly. 

Sure, he was notorious for his "charm" and good looks, BUT Bundy was a murderer and rapist who confessed to killing 36 women - and could be responsible for up to 100! Not exactly heartthrob material…  

People online are going so gaga over the convicted murderer and rapist, that the streaming service has had to remind fans that lusting over a serial killer perhaps isn't the best idea.

Though it seems Netflix's flavour of the month is sexy psychopaths - as recently people were also crushing on Penn Badgley’s character in 'You' who ends up stalking, kidnapping, and killing his girlfriend. 

Badgely also had to pull fans in line, responding to a tweet saying, "kidnap me pls" with "No Thnx." 

If that wasn't enough, Netflix also had to release a warning about the infamous Bird Box challenge, which has had dangerous outcomes

Safe to say it’s been a tough month for Netflix’s twitter manager. 

Though people probably aren’t crushing on Bundy due to the doco alone, as the trailer for 'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile' was dropped recently.

The film about Bundy features Zac Efron as the evil killer, and while yes, the zef is undeniably gorgeous - you'd think that his wonderful acting as a SERIAL KILLER would deter people.

But alas. 

There has also been criticism that the film paints Bundy as less of a psychopath and more of a lovable 'bad boy', but until the film drops, it's hard to say. 

One thing is for sure though, if you're crushing on Ted Bundy...

Image: Giphy, Netflix


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