Gig review: Ed Sheeran at the River Stage, Brisbane

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Ed Sheeran took to the stage in Brisbane for his first Australian show of 2015... So how did he fare? 

Ed Sheeran is making a name for himself as a real popstar kicking off his biggest ever tour of Australia in "Brisvegas" as he's learnt to call Brisbane, with a party hard or go home attitude. 

When Ed said bounce, his fans bounced. When he said sing and "if you don't know the words, make them up", they did that too. It's because he's such a charmer telling us "Australia is my favourite place to tour". And reminiscing about when he played at the same amphitheatre in 2013 "it pissed down rain".

There were girls in the front row screaming "I love you Ed" during the slow songs but it was the guy up the very back that yelled the same who got the biggest laugh.

If Ed hadn't won us over with his classics like A Team, Drunk, I See Fire and Sing - he got the oldies across the line with his mash up of Stevie Wonder's Superstitious and Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine. The rest of us couldn't get enough of his rapping with a montage of choruses from songs by big names like Nelly, 50 Cent, Daft Punk and Iggy E.  Is there anything he can't do?

Ed has made being ginger super cool. Ladies, young and old were left wanting more - scrambling to the front of the stage when the lights came on, after he just disappeared towards the end of his last song, hoping to catch his soggy black shirt. 

Those who were already out the gates looking to score a $20 rip off memorabilia shirt weren't in luck, with police fining the vendors. While the line up at the merchandise tent was huge - with talk Ed would soon be there. Wishful thinking! He was well on his way to his next party or perhaps just the curry he tweeted about.

Reviewer: Ange Anderson

Photos: Allan Allport (

Written By Emily Whitham