WATCH: Billie Eilish’s Nova Red Room Performance Will Knock Your Socks Clean Off

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It’s only May but we’re calling it.

Nova’s Red Room with Billie Eilish? Best of the year.

Heck, best of the decade, we'll go there.

Billie, just 17-years-old, took the stage at St Kilda’s Prince Bandroom to several hundred of her biggest Aussie fans, wowing us with her vocal range, on-stage presence and, as always, standout fashion.

Billie kicked things off with tracks bad guy and you should see me in a crown from her debut album ‘WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?’ before hitting ocean eyes, when the party's over - stopping to literally tell a fan she was "beautiful" - and finishing on bury a friend. 

Add her killer dance moves and overall good vibe to the mix and Billie has more earned herself top spot in our personal playlist.

Heck, everyone's playlist, we'll go there.

Here's the full video of 'bad guy' for you! You're welcome. 

bury a friend

all the good girls go to hell

Written By Ally Parker

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful.

One Word: Perfection.

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