This pizza has sent the Internet into meltdown

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Strawberry pizza @moonemoji

Can you see what the problem is?!

Today in things that deeply offend me, someone has decided to add mother freaking sliced strawberries to their pizza and I really cannot understand why. 

Before you ask, no. No, this is not one of those dessert pizzas you can order topped with Nutella or whatever. This was a regular ol’ cheesy pizza, topped with strawberries like they were damn pieces of pepperoni. 

The individual who created this monstrosity shared a photo of it to Twitter and as I'm sure you would assume, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. 

Seriously, people were mad.

The complaints became so frequent and so intense that old mate @moonemoji had to ask Twitter to back off.

They didn't. 

I think we can all agree that the moral of the story here is that if you want to mess with a fan favourite, don't go and announce it on the Internet – people will not be kind. 

Image: Twitter @moonemoji 


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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo