An Aussie company is about to become the first in the world to offer this discount

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Next stop, equal pay

By now you’d be painfully aware that if you’re a woman with a) the same qualifications and b) doing the same job, on average you’re paid 16.2% less than your male counterpart.

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Well, now an Aussie business is offering the world's first Gender Pay Gap discount, in a bid towards wage equality. has today announced it will be offering its female customers a 16.2% discount on its range of travel insurance products.  

Ben Webster co-founder of said: 

“To our knowledge, our Gender Pay discount is a world first. Women are paid, on average, 16.2% less than their male counterparts. Until parity is achieved, we think it’s only fair that Australian businesses that profess to care about their female customers, cover the gap. Although, parity starts with salaries, why not pitch in to bridge the gap in the meantime?’ since its inception has sought to offer a tangible product benefit in the Australian travel insurance market and now they've found another way to look after their female customers. 

Travel with Jane, Head of Community, Michelle Legge has said that the start-up is well aware that this policy may cause controversy and claims of discrimination. 

“We’re not sure whether to expect a backlash from Men’s Rights Activists who are especially vocal on social media. The hope is that Australian men will see the Gender Pay Gap discount in a positive light.” has committed to mirroring the gender pay gap until March 2019.  

Written By Gemma Prendergast

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