This woman lost 50kg by eating MORE food

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This is seriously inspiring

Twenty-six-year-old mother, Alicia-Maree Beres has spoken to the team at The Daily Mail about the secret behind her incredible 50kg weight loss; surprising readers with her unexpected answer: eating more. 

The young mother explained to the publication that she began putting on weight from age 18 and it spiralled from there.

“Once I turned 18 and started going out more, training no longer became a priority,” she said.

“Now you start drinking, you're still lucky for a while and then all of a sudden you look at yourself in the mirror and you're in the 80 kilos range - and it just kept going up.”

It wasn’t until she became a mother that she realised something needed to change in her lifestyle and fast. 

"I looked at myself in the mirror and it was embarrassing, it was scary," she said. 

"I wanted my daughter to grow up being proud of me and learn from me, not learn from TV shows or look up to people in film clips."

By shifting her habits and making health her priority, Beres was able to lose a giant 26.1kg on her own but eventually, found herself hitting a wall. When her weight loss plateaued, she joined Weight Watchers for some support and assistance in her journey. 

On the program, Beres actually upped her food intake but swapped out her greasy one-meal-per-day for at least three wholesome meals. She also kicked her habit of consuming one litre of energy drinks every day. 

With these changes, she managed to drop the remaining 24 kg. 

The young Aussie mum is now 100 per cent focused on remaining a “strong fit mum” with regular exercise and healthy eating. 

Power to you Alicia!

Images: Getty, Weight Watchers

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo