The secret tax deduction every woman should be claiming

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We like to think we’re pretty good at getting as much money back from tax as possible but apparently we’re missing out on some key deductions.

A leading expert has told that most people don’t know what they can and can’t claim.

And, we have to admit, we were completely in the dark on some of his suggestions.

In particular, that you can claim your handbag. Mind. Blown.

“The ATO came out a few months ago saying you could legitimately claim a handbag, providing you can demonstrate it is used for work purposes,” says Deakin University accounting senior lecturer Dr Adrian Raftery.

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So, what constitutes “work purposes”? Using it to carry work-related items like laptops, phones, stationery and calculators.

The only problem is if you’ve got expensive tastes, because anything above $300 needs to be evidenced and portioned between work and private use.

So… go spoil yourself with a new bag before June 30!


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