Prepare yourself, folding smartphones are coming in 2019

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Flip phones are (kinda) back, baby! 

In the wise words of Justin Timberlake, what goes around comes all the way back around (yeah). 

A 2000s icon almost as iconic as JT himself has returned to the tech universe, with foldable (aka flip) phones set to grace stores in 2019. 

Yep, you read correctly. 

A whole heap of tech giants are working on making foldable smartphones and devices, so you can live out iconic Kelly Rowland moments on the reg. 

Though before we get ahead of ourselves, the designs look to be a little different than our 2000s favs. The fold seems to be more focused on making the devices dual-purpose (aka a tablet and phone in one) or to stand the device up. Which is less nostalgic fun, but still pretty awesome. 

Samsung has been leading the foldable phone movement – during the product launch for the Galaxy A9, mobile president AJ Koh revealed that their folding device will be a tablet that folds into a smartphone. 

The device is currently un-named but Samsung has requested trademarks for the names Infinity-Flex, Infinity-O, Infinity-U, and Infinity-V. 

It’s looking to be the first foldable device released next year but that early release comes at a cost, as it’s rumoured to be priced around $2000. Better start saving! 

LG is hot on Samsung’s heels, with a device rumoured to be called LG Flex, Foldi, or Duplex (depending on who you believe).

According to Life Hacker LG Mobile's CEO has been reported as saying "we are working hard with our partners on various obstacles that can occur while folding and unfolding. We will release it at a time when we can provide enough customer value rather than releasing it for the first time in the world”

Apple and Huawei are keeping things fairly hush hush, but both companies have taken out patents for their own folding phone designs. Huawei even has stated that they have a working sample ready to go so we’ll see which one gets to the finish line first.

Finally, a cheeky leaked vid of a folding phone claiming to be from Lenovo suggests that they may be sneaking ahead of the others with their own folding device.

We’ll just have to wait and see what 2019 brings! All we know is that flip phones are definitely on the horizon. 

Though we all know which model will reign supreme … 

Image: Prototype Foldable Phone Getty /  VCG / Contributor , Giphy


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