Khloe Kardashian's Mothering Style Slammed Because Of This Insta Photo

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"You guys are so oblivious"

Another day, another article about fans getting mad at the Kardashians. 

Kardashian posted a video of her daughter True playing in a toy Bentley car looking absolutely adorable, and the seemingly sweet post got fans talking fast.

"I agree they should be donating money to the poor kids who are sick and are not going to come out of the hospital," said one.

"The Bentley has nothing to do with True's reaction. She could have put her in a cardboard box and played the same music and got the same reaction. Oh and throw some sparkles in there. Good lord! This is all for Tristan," wrote another.

There was one comment, as Page Six shares, that caught Kardashian's attention, however.

It read:

"Great, another kardashian in a Bentley. You guys are so oblivious to how your excessive spending looks to the outside world. I really loved your family’s story and now just can’t bare (sic) to watch as you spend all this money on worthless materialism. It’s so sad."

Not one to mince her words, Kardashian replied to the Instagrammer:

“Ummm you know this is not a real Bentley?” She wrote.

“It’s a toy, no reason to get sad over a baby in a toy car. Either way I’m sorry you feel that way but I hope you have a great weekend! Focus on things that make you happy! Smile.”

The angry commenter hit back:

“we can improve as people, though – myself 100% included."

Kardashian responded again, sharing that she appreciated the message and does spoil her daughter but doesn't believe all she does "is spend money on worthless materialism".


At the best of times, the Kardashian family is divisive. But mum-shaming is never cool, people.

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