Keith Urban vs Kate Ritchie in Quick Draw

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Who will win the FINAL game of Quick Draw for 2018?

The final week of Quick Draw calls for a MASSIVE guest, gang!

That's right! Kate's faced off against 41 guests so far, and despite some 'debatable' outcomes has well and truly dominated.

So... What better way to celebrate the end of another incredible year of Quick Draw, than by welcoming music royalty Keith Urban to take on Kate Ritchie?

Last week, Rita Ora re-challenged Kate in the last redemption round and tasted defeat 3-2. But with the title of winning the last game of Quick Draw for 2018 up for grabs, we have a feeling this match ain't gonna be easy!

Seriously... We know Keith's a fighter but does he have what it takes to conquer the Queen of Quick Draw?

Check it out below!

Written By Rosanna Lamotta

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